Are You Prepared for Your Deductible to Reset?


Are You Prepared for Your Deductible to Reset?

December 27, 2018 Written by: Costectomy

The year is quickly coming to an end with the upcoming holiday season dominating the minds of Americans across the country. People are bound to forget and lose track of important tasks in the mix of family, friends and holiday cheer. One of the things you cannot forget this holiday season, however, is your healthcare deductible and its upcoming reset.

If your healthcare plan is based on the calendar year, then your plan will completely reset to the original amount on January 1st – unless otherwise stated in the contract with rollover benefits. If you had a rather tough year of mounting medical expenses, the prospect of having your deductible reset to a high figure can cause a lot of anxiety.

Luckily for consumers, more doctors and healthcare institutions are favoring cash payments and offering large discounts on services and procedures.

It is unfortunate that deductibles reset on January 1st. It is also frustrating that we are incapable of predicting when a medical situation will occur. However, your healthcare options for 2019 have never been better. Services like Costectomy are here to help, leaving you to determine whether the visit or procedure would be cheaper if you pay cash up-front, or if you might prefer to work with your insurance agency and allocate the cost towards the deductible.

If you or your loved ones have any questions about how we can help you cut the costs of healthcare, give one of our Costectomy representatives a call at 844-692-6784 to discuss your medical needs for the coming new year.