How to Find Affordable Healthcare Providers Without Insurance


How to Find Affordable Healthcare Providers Without Insurance

August 8, 2018 Written by: Costectomy

Everyone deserves quality healthcare, but many Americans can’t afford the insurance options available in the market. When it comes to cash-paying healthcare, patients want to be assured of two things: They’re choosing the best providers for medical procedures, and the services won’t cost an arm and a leg. At Costectomy, we can help you make the right choice for your needs! Here’s how you can shop for medical procedures and start saving money:

How to Shop for Medical

Go to our homepage and choose the type of service you need. Our current options are doctors’ visits, imaging, labs, procedures, and ancillary services. Doctors visits are routine check-ups or consultations with specialists. Urgent care visits also fall under doctors’ visits. Imaging refers to x-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans, to name a few. Procedures are another name for elective, non-emergency surgeries. Our ancillary services include cryotherapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic visits. Enter your ZIP code and we’ll locate medical facilities near you as well as the sub-services they offer. For example, urgent care is a sub-service under “Doctor’s Visit,”, while blood disorder tests are a labs sub-service. Most of our services are currently offered only in the Houston area, but Costectomy is actively expanding to other locations.

You can sort results by pricing, rate, or distance. Select the date for your appointment and choose if you want to pay online (PayPal or credit card) or on-site (cash, credit, debit, or check). Be aware that some health providers don’t accept cash or check, so ask them about their payment options beforehand.

Why You Save Money

At Costectomy, we carefully choose the healthcare providers we partner with. They must be reputable institutions and offer medical procedures at affordable rates. Also, we believe in price transparency, so our quotes are a final price with all the fees included to avoid surprises. It’s easy to use Costectomy for comparing prices and scheduling your appointment. Even if it needs to be rescheduled for later, we’ll honor the original price. Referrals aren’t needed, so you can save time too!

Easy and convenient, Costectomy is your go-to choice to find low-cost healthcare, especially if you’re in Houston. We want to provide you a seamless experience that makes finding affordable healthcare easy.

Have questions or concerns about our service? Contact us through our website or by calling (844) 692-6784.