Procedures and Pain Management for Your Lumbar Spine


Procedures and Pain Management for Your Lumbar Spine

January 11, 2019 Written by: Costectomy

In both the home and the workplace, greater attention is being given to supporting one of the most sensitive parts of the body: the Lumbar spine. Located in the lower back, the Lumbar is a region of the body that will cause episodes of pain in more than 80% of Americans over the course of their lives. These episodes are becoming more common as 86% of Americans spend their work day sitting at desks and the country as a whole adapts to a more sedentary lifestyle.

What Causes Lumbar Pain
The Lumbar section of the spine holds more weight than any other part of the human body, but it’s also responsible for more flexibility than any other region. Because of these contrasting roles, the lumbar area can be a source of great pain if not treated or supported properly. Eating healthy and staying hydrated is a great way to ease the pain on your lumbar spine as a proper diet helps remove weight and pressure from the spine while adequate hydration supports muscle elasticity. Physical therapists deal with lumbar pain very often and will usually apply heat and electrical stimulation to the lumbar region as well as recommend professional massages.

Lumbar Surgeries and Procedures
While most situations involving lumbar pain can be solved with pharmaceutical or physical remedies, some situations can become incredibly painful and require minimally-invasive surgery to solve. If the extreme pain is caused by something pressing down on the nerves in the spine, a decompression surgery can be performed to remove the piece of bone or muscle that is causing the pressure. If the pain is caused by discs clashing, though, fusion surgeries can be performed to remove the soft tissue between the disks. This process causes the two disks to fuse together into one to prevent future pain. Keep in mind, fusion surgeries are reserved primarily for genetic defects or deformities, so it is an unlikely remedy for the average

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