July 25, 2018 Written by: Costectomy

Living without traditional healthcare can be scary. There’s a level of fear that comes with being uninsured, especially if you have a family. For instance, if you have children you may second guess allowing them to participate in certain activities for fear of accidental injury. Likewise, the occasional need for urgent care without insurance can keep parents up at night. Small injuries and ailments are often ignored to avoid paying high doctor bills, and forget about annual preventative checkups or tests! It’s more like, ignore it, and hope the problem goes away.

Even patients in severe need would rather avoid dealing with doctors and hospitals all together. But there’s no need to suffer. With services like Costectomy available, it doesn’t hurt to ask, “How much does bariatric surgery cost without insurance?” or, “Can I afford the cost of pain management without having a traditional healthcare provider to subsidize the price?”

We understand that healthcare is expensive; it’s not uncommon for people to choose not to spend a good chunk of their income on expensive premiums. Many of the uninsured were insured in the past but were priced out of coverage when rates increased, as they do annually. There are even people working in the medical field who choose to go without traditional health insurance because of the cost. Fortunately, not having a healthcare policy doesn’t prevent you from accessing the medical procedures and tests you need – in many cases for far less than you would pay if you actually had insurance.

Not paying attention to your health, forgoing regular medical care or ignoring the signs when you know you need healthcare can have far worse consequences than financial pressure. However, it doesn’t have to be that way!

You have healthcare options – all you have to do is shop around. Costectomy makes it easy for cash-paying patients to compare competitive service fees for a wide range of routine procedures and tests they need to get and stay healthy.