The Best Health Documentaries to Watch on Netflix


The Best Health Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

October 15, 2019 Written by: Costectomy

The Best Health Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

Health documentaries as a genre have been around since the dawn of film-making and they have had a lasting impact on improving public awareness on a myriad of health issues. On Netflix, not only will you find many popular and binge-worthy TV shows, there is a solid selection of beautifully crafted and deeply informative health documentaries as well.

Here are some award-winning documentaries on Netflix that have the power to change your perspective on health and well-being forever:

Heroin(e) (2017)

The opioid crisis is perhaps the most pressing health concern facing the United States today. Against this backdrop, this Oscar-nominated film shows the story of a brave group of people, including three women—a judge, a fire chief and a street missionary—helping sufferers of opioid addiction. A special focus of the film is opioid overdose and how the antidote, naloxone, can be used to treat it. The documentary also looks into the causes behind the current opioid crisis and its debilitating impact on society.

Forks Over Knives (2011)

This documentary highlights the importance of a plant-based diet. It shows how people can live healthier lives through simple changes to their eating habits. The film explores the relationship between our diet and chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Such diseases can be prevented and even reversed with a whole-food plant-based diet. The film explains how such a diet doesn’t necessarily mean a strict vegan diet.

The C word (2016)

There are often multiple factors that contribute to the development of cancer. Understanding the role of lifestyle changes, stress management, and clean eating in cancer prevention is critical. These are some of the themes that The C word deals with. The fact that its director, Meghan LaFrance O’Hara, is a cancer survivor herself, lends the film further credibility. The C word offers audiences a new way to look at cancer prevention.

End Of Sentence. (2018)

This Oscar-winning short film depicts how social taboos can be a significant hindrance to the health and happiness of societies, especially in developing countries. The location is a village in India. The subject is the stigma associated with menstrual periods and sanitary pads. But, in addition to that, it is an inspirational story about the difference that people can make when they are motivated to change their social circumstances.

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